Overview Edit

The Old Language is the first language of the beings of the plane of Life. "Language" is really a generous term for what it really is: there is no grammar, and the entire vocabulary comes in at around 100 basic words.

This language was given to all the sentient life (all the Iḍo) upon the creation of Ḍiṭe and the other planes. This is the extent of the words created in the language. I wanted to make things very vague except in a few places, in some way showing the naiveté of the gods in creating life. The life created wasn’t necessarily bad or anything, but they just didn’t know quite what they were getting in to. Also, as this was an "artificial" language to some extent, each word is always two syllables, just for funsies.  

Commentary on Dictionary Edit

I am well aware that this is a useless collection of words for communication. That is, however, the point. Apart from the reasons listed in the previous section, I wanted to give myself lots of room for flexibility in creating daughter languages. I felt as though the more ambiguous I made it originally, the more divergences in the languages I could have in the future. The lack of grammar with this proto-language gives me a similar flexibility in the future.

The dictionary for this language can be found here: File:Lang0Dict.pdf