In the beginning there wasn’t nothing. There was more like everything. I like to call it the Continuum (Ṭuḳe in the Old Language). It’s like an extension of the "planes" in the generic fantasy sense. However, instead of distinct planes for each concept, The Continuum was a conglomeration of all the planes. Initially, it was devoid of features, all concepts layered on top of each other, evenly spaced.

This turned out not to be stable. Certain Concepts began to merge together. Life, Power, and Order, and then later Passion, Wisdom, and Courage began to combine into a great god, Fuzito. Along the lines of ”every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, each of these Concept’s opposites began to merge as well. Death, Weakness, Chaos, Depression, Madness, and Fear merged into the terrifying god Vepṛṃu. Both Fuzito and Vepṛṃu had strong connections to the Concepts of Anima (energy magic), Light, and Dark. 

Fuzito began to create different realms and planets within the Continuum, yet each time Vepṛṃu would destroy that which he created. Fuzito even began to create life, and Vepṛṃu destroyed and killed that as well. 

Eventually, Fuzito got as far away from Vepṛṃu as he could, and began his creations again. However, he noticed in the distance a strange disturbance. He found that Vepṛṃu was testing his powers, and attempting to grow as strong as he possibly could. The entire Continuum began to warp around him, and even began to tear. Fuzito knew that Vepṛṃu must be stopped. He locked Vepṛṃu in a magical cage, surrounded by three layers of structured Planes from the Concepts he saw to be the most powerful: Life, Power, and Order; Anima, Light, and Dark; Passion, Wisdom, and Courage. This system has become known as the Structure. 

Fuzito knew that sending that much magic through his form would destroy him—but he also knew that Vepṛṃu would never expend that same amount of energy and risk his own destruction, so he could never break himself out of the cage. In Fuzito's demise, he was split into three gods (WHICH I HAVE YET TO NAME), who are the parents of the rest of the beings in the Continuum and within this Structure.